Life Transitions

Have you experienced any life transitions which have adversely impacted on you, such as retirement or loss of a loved one?  In addition to any of those life transitions, do any of the following apply to you:

  • adults leaving home (“empty nest” feeling)?
  • caring for elderly parents or a partner?
  • getting married?
  • relocating?
  • an injury?

Have any of these life transitions left you feeling:

  • shocked?
  • angry?
  • sad?
  • overwhelmed?

Psychological Treatment

We can help you to navigate your way through these life transition issues.  Treatment is provided in a safe and supportive way, utilising a range of therapeutic interventions.  An approach is used drawing on therapy modes such as cognitive behavioural  therapy (CBT), and interpersonal therapy (amongst others).

Benefits of Psychological Treatment

We can assist you to:

  • process distressing emotions
  • face fears and learn to be more comfortable with uncertainty
  • develop the skills to cope better with the difficulties/challenges that arise from these life transitions
  • move forward with life
  • change faulty thoughts
  • adjust to the life transitions and learn to respond in new ways.

How we can help

Psychological Treatment

  • improve your ability to navigate your way effectively through significant life situations – (injury, loss of a loved one, retirement, etc.)
  • develop stronger coping skills to deal with the challenges that arise with various life transitions
  • implement strategies to overcome fears
  • change faulty thoughts
  • move forward with your life

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Life Transitions

Contact us to commence treatment for the life transitions which are troubling you, and implement strategies to manage them.