Depression robs you of your enjoyment of life and contributes to feelings of hopelessness.  Depression also can leave you feeling unmotivated and negative about yourself and the future.  Everyone will experience sadness and days when they feel down but that differs greatly from depression, which can affect many areas of your life.  Depression can be overcome by seeing a Psychologist for treatment.

The following can be associated with symptoms of depression.  Do some of these apply to you?

Have you lost interest in activities that you once enjoyed, or fail to derive any pleasure from such activities?

Have you suffered a major disappointment or significant lifestyle change?

Have you been finding it difficult to function on a daily basis?

Have you experienced some of the following feelings or behavioural changes, which have been present for two weeks or more?

  • intense sadness or irritability
  • hopelessness, worthlessness, or guilt
  • loss of confidence in yourself
  • lack of motivation and difficulty in carrying out daily tasks
  • difficulty making decisions, problems in remembering things, or difficulty in concentrating
  • loss of energy
  • withdrawing from people and feeling alone
  • suicidal thoughts

Psychological Treatment for Depression

The signs and symptoms of depression can manifest physically, emotionally, cognitively and behaviourally.  With extensive experience in providing treatment for depression, we can help you to find ways to deal with the above symptoms of depression and improve your mood.

Treatment is provided in a safe and supportive way, utilising a range of therapeutic interventions.  An approach is used drawing on a range of therapy modes which include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and interpersonal therapy (amongst others).

Benefits of Psychological Treatment for Depression

We can help you to:

  • gain an understanding of factors which have contributed to the depression
  • process distressing emotions
  • change negative thinking patterns and behaviours that contribute to and ‘feed’ depression
  • learn strategies to overcome depression
  • work through internal conflicts
  • strengthen your sense of self and increase confidence
  • strengthen your coping skills to minimise the depression

How we can help

Psychological Treatment

  • overcome depression and derive greater pleasure and joy
  • understand factors that may have contributed to your depression
  • improve self-understanding and enhance self-awareness
  • process distressing emotions associated with your depression
  • learn strategies and develop coping skills to improve your mood and prevent future depression episodes
  • change negative or faulty thinking patterns that ‘feed’ the depression
  • resolve inner conflicts
  • identify and strengthen the things that give you meaning and purpose

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Depression – Psychologist Adelaide

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