Have you experienced bullying:  been called names, picked on, teased, put down, criticised, or insulted?  Have you been subjected to any additional bullying behaviours such as:

  • repeatedly been threatened, hit, kicked, tripped or pushed?
  • had rumours and lies spread about you?
  • deliberately humiliated?
  • excluded or rejected?
  • had someone in a position of authority behave in a controlling way towards you?

 Do you feel:  

  • ashamed or embarrassed?
  • distressed or fearful?
  • powerless or helpless to respond to the bullying?
  • victimised or intimidated?
  • angry or revengeful?
  • that you are struggling to concentrate or to carry out your daily tasks?
  • lonely or isolated?

Psychological Treatment

Bullying and harassment can cause severe distress for the person being bullied, no matter what forms the bullying takes.  Bullying can have long term effects, carrying through to adulthood.  With experience in this area, we can help you to work through the effects of bullying.  Treatment is provided in a safe and supportive manner, utilising a range of therapeutic intervention. An approach is used drawing on therapy modes such as cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and Interpersonal Therapy (amongst others).

Benefits of Psychological Treatment

 We can assist you to:

  • understand why the bullying occurred and how it has affected you
  • process the emotions related to being bullied
  • restore a sense of safety and become more empowered
  • develop strategies to manage any future bullying.

How we can help

Psychological Treatment

  • process thoughts and feelings related to the bullying
  • reduce distressing emotions related to being bullied
  • learn strategies to manage any future bullying behaviour
  • strengthen your sense of self

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