Grief and Loss – From Pain to Peace

Grief Experiences

Each person’s experience of grief is likely to be different.

In response to your grief you may feel:

  • shocked, numb, disbelieving, or confused
  • sad, teary, angry, frustrated, or helpless
  • despairing, guilty, rejected, or a sense of shame
  • unsupported or lonely

Your loss may impact on you in any of the following ways:

  • you have withdrawn
  • your personal relationships are suffering
  • you yearn intensely for the person you have lost
  • you have difficulty adapting to the reality of the change and the loss
  • you have difficulty in functioning and carrying out your daily tasks
  • you engage in self-blame

When to seek help

When you find yourself struggling to cope with your grief, or have limited social support, that is when it can be beneficial to reach out to a psychologist.

If you need assistance, visit our Grief and Loss page to see the ways that you can process the grief around the loss you have gone through.