Fees and Rebates


The fee for consultations is $160 (for a standard 55 minute consultation) and is paid at the end of each session.

If you have health insurance ‘Extras’ cover, you would be eligible for a rebate through your health provider. Please contact your provider to ascertain your level of cover and the amount of rebate provided for the fee, as the rebates can vary amongst health insurers.

Fees when Referred by a GP and Medicare Rebates

Sessions can also be accessed through the Medicare Funded Better Access to Mental Health Care Program, if you are assessed by your GP as having an issue which meets the criteria for referral.

To be eligible for Medicare rebates, your GP needs to prepare what is referred to as a Mental Health Treatment Plan, together with a referral letter.  The fee for a standard 55 minute consultation when referred this way is $160 and is charged at the end of the session.  You will receive a rebate of $126.50, so your out-of-pocket expenses will be $33.50.

With Medicare Easyclaim facilities, the rebate can be claimed electronically on the day and deposited in most cases immediately back into your bank account using your Eftpos card.  The Eftpos card used to process the rebate needs to have either a savings or cheque account.