Casenotes and discussions are all confidential, and records are securely stored.  Confidentiality is upheld in accordance with the strict guidelines of the Australian Psychological Society, the Psychology Board of Australia, as well as Privacy legislation (State and Federal).

However, the upholding of confidentiality occurs within the limits imposed by the legal system and the ‘duty of care’ principle.  Your personal information cannot be disclosed to a third party, except under the following circumstances:

  • you have given your written consent
  • there is a duty of care regarding your safety, or the safety of others
  • there is a legal requirement to disclose – for example, where a file is subpoenaed by a court of law
  • a mandatory notification is required in accordance with the law – for example, a psychologist must notify the relevant State Government Department if he or she suspects a child is being abused.

For further information regarding the strict guidelines around confidentiality by which all Psychologists are bound, you can refer to the Australian Psychological Society’s Code of Ethics.