Am I in an Abusive Relationship?

Domestic violence includes abuse of a physical, emotional, sexual, financial, verbal, and social nature. Many people do not class themselves as being in a domestic violence relationship because they have not been hit or physically assaulted. However, domestic violence/abuse can be subtle or strong in the form that it takes, and the extensive...


Attaining Mindfulness

Life is made up of moments which are often missed because we are too busy reliving the past or worrying about a future which has not yet happened. When we become more present in the moment, aware without judgement of what we are doing and thinking, life can become more satisfying and more...


Grief and Loss – From Pain to Peace

Grief Experiences

Each person’s experience of grief is likely to be different. In response to your grief you may feel:
  • shocked, numb, disbelieving, or confused
  • sad, teary, angry, frustrated, or helpless
  • despairing, guilty, rejected, or a sense of shame
  • unsupported or lonely
Your loss may impact on you in any of the following ways:
  • you have...