Attaining Mindfulness

Life is made up of moments which are often missed because we are too busy reliving the past or worrying about a future which has not yet happened. When we become more present in the moment, aware without judgement of what we are doing and thinking, life can become more satisfying and more relaxed.

What is Mindfulness?

When you are mindful, you focus your attention, are aware of and present in the moment, enjoying the experience.

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness practices teach you to be present in the moment by focusing your attention on what is happening now and accepting it without judgement.  Some beneficial mindfulness practices include:

 Mindful breathing

Feel the breathe move in and out of your body moment by moment.  Rest in that awareness.


Quiet the mind by concentrating focus on the breath, sounds, bodily sensations, thoughts, feelings and surrounding environment.


Retrain your attention through photography; photography, after all, is all about focus and capturing “the moment.”

Slowing Down

Intentionally slow down everything from your breath to your walk, to your thoughts and begin to really observe your surroundings as if seeing them for the first time.

Quiet Contemplation

Set aside time each day for deliberate, quiet contemplation.

If you are interested in becoming more mindful and learning more about the benefits of mindfulness, we are here to help.